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We are so glad that you’ve stopped by our site and are thrilled that you’re taking this step in your wellness journey. At Pure Chiropractic, we seek to make each patient feel valued, known, and cared for. We want each patient to know we are here for them on their journey to better health and wellness.

Drs. Chris and Krystal Hohn are a husband and wife team dedicated to changing the health of their community. By treating every patient like family, they focus on teaching patients how to work with their body’s natural design.

We take pride in our approach to total health and wellness, patient care, customer service, and knowledge of the chiropractic field. By staying on top of the latest news in developments in the industry, Pure Chiropractic offers its patients top of the line chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Works

Chiropractic is a safe, natural, and effective way to natural healing for all ages.

The nervous system controls every function in the human body and is housed within the spine. That is why chiropractic care places such emphasis on maintaining the health of the spine!

Regular adjustments have been proven to increase energy levels, improve mood, provide better sleep, boost concentration, and alleviate pain.

Benefits of Routine Chiropractic Care Include:

Improved Nerve Communication Throughout the Body

Neck Pain Relief

Increased Focus

Improved Athletic Performance

Relief from Chronic Injuries

Back Pain Relief

Improved Motion

Improved Physical Function

Better Posture

Chiropractic and Wellness

Pure Chiropractic is proud to offer chiropractic, massage therapy, and health and nutrition counseling. These areas of health all work together to promote overall wellness in the body. As chiropractors, Drs. Hohn adjust subluxations and joints to remove stress from the body. When vertebral subluxations are present in the spine, joints and nerves become compressed, compromising the nervous system. When the nervous system is compromised, it is unable to communicate effectively with the rest of your body, and issues arise. Pure Chiropractic also proudly offers massage therapy. Your muscles attach to your bones and joints, and when muscles aren’t properly cared for, they can compromise spinal alignment. Getting a massage helps reduce or remove the muscle stress, further adding to the benefits of chiropractic. We are thrilled to offer such a great service to our patients.

Award Winning Chiropractor

Drs. Chris and Krystal Hohn are an amazing husband and wife team who are dedicated to excellence in the chiropractic field. They are incredibly passionate about educating and promoting health and wellness throughout Howell and its surrounding areas. Each patient at Pure Chiropractic is treated as a beloved family member. This mentality makes them loved among the community and trusted as the source of excellence for chiropractic care. If you are interested in improving your overall health and wellness, Pure Chiropractic can help. We believe in treating the patient as a whole, and would be honored to help you on your journey to wellness. Schedule your appointment with us today! Pure Chiropractic proudly serves the community of Howell, Pinckney, Brighton and beyond! We look forward to hearing from you!

Client Testimonials

Dr. Chris and all the staff are just the best there is in the world of Chiropractic Medicine. Having been to another chiropractor, he doesn't compare to how well I feel after being a patient at Pure for over a year. I am on a maintenance program now which I need after being treated for severe neck and back pain by Dr. Chris. I want to be sure I keep my good health that Dr. Chris has given back to me. The facility at Pure is very clean, well decorated, and up to date with the newest equipment. It is just a pleasure to walk in to the office. The office staff is so, so friendly and courteous. They accommodate patients first and foremost. Everyone at Pure makes me feel like I am family! Kudos to all of you for making my visits such a pleasure!
Cindy Restuccia
Cindy Restuccia
16:37 28 May 18
Easy to get into at the last minute. Totally honest. He's saved me in times when I couldn't even walk without crying. Those times, I leave the office walking normally. It's amazing. Also, when I was facing blood pressure medication, I tried going to see Dr. Chris first after I read a study that a particular neck adjustment can bring it down. My blood pressure returned to normal range after one adjustment. Now, he didn't make the claim that he could return my blood pressure to normal range. I found that on the NIH website, but he's the one who made it happen. Also, he fixed my son's stubborn ear infection in one visit too. We even went to an MD the next day, because it was already scheduled. The MD said his ear infection was cleared, but he could see that it had been there earlier. Dr. Chris didn't claim he could eliminate the ear infection or anything. He never makes claims unless he's totally sure about something, but his results always far surpass any claim he makes. He's a very talented, compassionate chiropractor.
Dawn Papple
Dawn Papple
14:09 15 Jun 18
Dr Chris is the best chiropractor! He is very attentiive to your situation, incorporates new and innovative techniques along with the old, and took me from a non-functioning, twisted back sufferer, to a "sleeping like a baby now", and so HAPPY to be active in the exercise craved community again. I cannot thank him enough!!! The staff in his office are just as great. They always greet you with a smile and handle appts and reschedules effectively. Also a great location. I highly recommend Pure Chiropractic!
Kim Martin
Kim Martin
14:54 20 Dec 17
Love Dr Chris and staff! They are can get you in quick and don't mind me bringing my kids.
Goodall's Goodies
Goodall's Goodies
14:37 08 Jan 18
Dr. Chris and his team are AMAZING! We are treated like family here, and couldn't imagine going anywhere else.
Kate Seguin
Kate Seguin
15:16 18 Jan 18
Dr. Chris and his staff are top notch. Every time I walk in the door I feel like I am seeing old friends. They care about your life and well being. Dr. Chris is very knowledgeable and has helped get back to living my normal lifestyle. These people are basically just really rad.
Kristin Kotarba
Kristin Kotarba
13:52 18 Aug 18
I was sceptical.... Not only has Dr Chris completely cured me of my crippling pain which consisted of difficulty breathing and fainting spells. His staff is top knotch. Always a joy to see each morning and communicate with. Thank you 🙂
Sarah Hastings
Sarah Hastings
13:39 18 Sep 18
I cannot say enough good about this office. From the knowledgeable staff, who is so friendly and helpful, to Dr. Chris who is all about his patients!! I have never felt so comfortable and I've already had fantastic results!! I came in with severe sciatica pain and I am amazed at how well I feel now. I would recommend this office to anyone who wants relief and whose office is about you not the almighty dollar. Worth every cent out of my pocket.
Kathy Nuttall
Kathy Nuttall
15:20 12 Nov 18
I've searched and searched for the right Chiropractor and finally found Dr. Chris!! This man knows his stuff! Highly recommend!!
Holly Emery
Holly Emery
15:37 20 Feb 19
All I can say is I'm another highly satisfied patient that felt Dr. Chris and his staff were worthy of a 5 star rating. Wish I would have started going here sooner.
Mike Richardson
Mike Richardson
20:17 07 Mar 19
Love this place! Started 2018! Totally straightened me out. The Doc gave me tools and excerise's to do. It keeps me straightened out. I have only needed to see him once so far this year. Healer for sure!
Rockie MacDonald
Rockie MacDonald
01:33 22 Mar 19

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